Revitalize, Feel Better & Live Your Best Life?

The answer to the question is YES, YES AND YES!


You can feel amazing!  You will feel amazing!

 I'm Shirley Hathaway, Wellness Coach and Certified Yoga Therapist.



Let's work together and get on with this total wellness journey. 

It's all inside you.  The vitality and the energy.  The motivation to jump (or roll) out of bed in the morning.  Being healthy and well.  Living the life you want with vibrancy.

Not feeling that way right now?  Fatigued?  Sluggish? Over weight? Depressed? Anxiety filled?  Overwhelmed and just plain unhappy? 

It is within you to take control of your dis-ease. It really is. 

There is no better time than now to start transforming your well-being. 

I made my health, vitality and wellbeing a priority! That twinkle in my eye is joy! I'm here to help you revitalize yours.



Total Wellness Matters


is here to help you achieve your most valuable potential -your health.


* Weekly health and wellness articles. Stress elimination, digestive health, chronic disease, recipes, interviews, and book reviews.     

* Wellness coaching to support you when one-on-one, private encouragement is needed.

* Signature programs for revitalized health are currently offered twice yearly.

Sounds simple? It is! You will feel the difference when you are supported with what is right for YOU! What works in your life. What your goal is.