Shirley Hathaway, MA | 500-RYT |  C-IAYT


Shirley is an experienced leader and peer coach with over 36 years as the executive director of a mission-driven organization, an expert grant writer, and a developer of successful social business enterprises. She is a  10+ year yoga practitioner with over 1300 hours of advanced study at the American Viniyoga Institute.  Shirley has a Masters in Organizational Management; is a Yoga Therapist certified through the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and a 500 hour Viniyoga teacher registered through Yoga Alliance

Shirley now lives in California where family, healthy food, sunshine, and nature restores her health in body, mind, and spirit.



My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.
— Maya Angelou



WELCOME to Total Wellness Matters - created to share knowledge and resources on health and wellness topics; reflections on what you can do to relieve the effects of stress to live a life fully in health; and support through Wellness Coaching, private-session Therapeutic Yoga for chronic conditions, and Signature Programs to help you release your most valuable potential -- your health. This page is also a little about me as I share my journey of wellness through the blog topics.  I am grateful you have made your way to this page, and I look forward to inspiring a lifestyle of health with you. 


I immerse myself in learning, reading, studying, and experiencing because there is power in knowledge. Actually, I spend almost as much time now learning as I did working in my previous career!  Daily blogs, week-long health summits, articles, journals, full-length leads me to another topic as I am so intrigued and interested in what can make us healthier more vibrant people. Through my own increased knowledge, I feel empowered to confidently make healthier choices. My intention, through Total Wellness Matters is to bring information to you in ways, I hope, will do the same for you.


I FULLY believe there is potential in all of us to achieve optimum health, to accomplish what we want, and to live a life fulfilled. My life's purpose is to open up channels to others to do just that.  I have spent a big part of my life climbing that mountain of "am I there yet?" Having some success, only to find another level to rise to and in some instances, drag myself to!  Somehow and in some way, answers were always there, if I just paid attention.  I felt encouraged to search further and take action to smash through my limiting beliefs. The way to better health is not easy. It takes work (and action), but it can and will improve with knowledge, determination, encouragement and a plan. 


And so, my intention is make it easier for you to choose the health topics of interest to you so there is space in your life to use them!  I will do the heavy, time-consuming sifting through all the information for you! You take what is useful, study more, and see what healthy changes happen. Total Wellness Matters is a work in progress, as we all are, right? Blogs will be the main source of information sharing at this time.  Please contact me with topics of interest to you.

Work with me 1-on-1. I have had my struggles and worked hard to learn not to let life knock me down -- for long! I am here to work with you to achieve the life you want. There is really no better time than RIGHT NOW to GET TO WORK!

The road to wellness may seem long, but the journey can be beautiful!

The road to wellness may seem long, but the journey can be beautiful!