Don't get stuck in Crapola!

Hiya Friend!

Ever find yourself buzzing along, eating well, feeling good, really motivated, and then some kinda crapola shows up?  Down the “I was doing so well” road you go.  Maybe it is just a lot of family and friend time.  Usually that includes eating more than lettuce leaves…know what I mean?

It happens to me!  I stray away from starting the day with green juice or smoothies - quickly I can feel the difference in poor sleep, low energy, and just feeling crummy.

STOP IT BEFORE IT GETS OUT OF HAND!  [that’s my brain talking]

I run for my resources: Google! Amazon! There, I am drawn to this book, Crazy Sexy Juice, by Kris Carr.  It is chock full of the most complete information on:
* combining flavors for scrumptiousness
* choosing the best blender/juicer
* caring and preparing the food
* reducing waste (and maybe waist)

 You get over 100 recipes!  Truly, Crazy Sexy Juice is a must in the kitchen.

Maybe you are wondering why I keep jabbering about juicing and blending for health. In my experiences and study, feeding your digestion with a blast of nutrients is one of the, if not the best, ways to bring your gut into better health. When the gut is happy, chronic health issues get better and energy accelerates.   

Check it out and see for yourself!!!

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