A Cravin' Machine! Whaaat?

I love drinking green juices because I feel so much better when I do.  Even more, I love making them because I'm guaranteed that each ingredient is certified organic and non-GMO (no pesticides in my drinks!)  Read on about how even a One-Day Juice Cleanse can support your body's need for nutrient dense vitamins and minerals. Just giving your digestive system a break is important to its healthiness and vitality!!  Don't be surprised if your energy soars--in just one day of cleansing.

One-Day Juice Cleanse

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Our lives can get really busy these days.  Maybe you are working like R2-D2, with few breaks in between.  I used to work 7 days a week with little sense of having a free weekend.  Tired.  Easier to eat out than cook anything...let alone something healthy.  Can you relate?  Even if you have the weekend off from work, there's still chores, grocery shopping, and getting children and grandchildren to all their activities.  You're just craving  time to rest!  Alone. With not one thing to do. That was my dream. What about yours?

Why does it matter?

All that 'hamster on the wheel' busy-ness most often leads to unhealthy food choices. Have you ever thought about the foods and drinks you consume?  Do you just eat whatever is convenient?  Because of the struggle to have time to cook at home, you may find yourself eating processed food or fast food a lot of the time.  All empty calories (low energy) and minimal nutrients.  It's super hard on the liver and digestive system that can get overloaded with toxins. They then have to work hard to do their job of making food useable by your body. 

Do you know that diet also affects our behavior and mood?  Dietary adjustments bring shifts in our brains which leads to changes in attitude (more like irritability) and ability (brain fog big time). We want POSITIVITY and BRILLIANCE.

Busy schedules just don't let us be as careful as we would like to be regarding what is put into our bodies. Most of us just don't have or take the time to cook at home. In such a situation, the tested and proven one-day juice cleanse may be the answer for you.  If possible, go on a juice cleanse once every week for a month.  Seem like a lot? Try just one time a month and see how you feel.  An ideal time might be after the weekend to give your body a boost after a weekend of -- dare I say -- unhealthy choices?

How does it work?

Even a one day juice cleanse will rest your digestive system, maybe help you lose a bit of weight, boost your immune system, help you feel fresh and maintain focus. It is a rejuvenating experience. It will boost up your metabolism, increase your energy, and your digestive organs will thank you for a day off.  They love it when they don't have to work so long and hard digesting heavy food.  Juicing is like espresso for the gut! The juice in the recipes below are packed with vitamins and minerals, so your body will be fed.  However as a side note, the juices are low in protein and fiber because juicing takes out the fiber.  

Which juices to drink?

Remember, the key is balance. Try to drink juices that leave you without an appetite. You should drink six glasses a day to receive proper hydration. Play around with what juice you’ll have when to find out a combination that works for you. Make sure not to add any sugar or artificial flavors. My go-tos for the on-day cleanse are included here.

Things to remember.

The most important factor is not to cleanse in a way that leaves you feeling faint, weak or so hungry that you are waking up for a midnight snack. If you do feel faint or weak, you can supplement with a veggie smoothie with protein powder or chia seeds added. If that doesn’t work, do whatever you have to do to feel better. Juicing is never about feeling deprived, it's about being cleansed.  If this is your first time on a juice cleanse, you may find it a bit challenging. Stick with it, the results are worth it.

Do check with your doctor about whether a juice cleanse is right for you; especially, if you are on medication.

Here are my top 4 juice recipes. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  I use a Hurom brand cold pressed juicer. I find it superior to other brands I have tried.

Juice #1

Cucumbers (unpeeled)                 2

Green apple (unpeeled)                1

Parsley                                           1 handful

Lemon (juice of)                            1


Juice #2

Celery stalks                          3 

Cucumber (with skin)            1 

Romaine lettuce                    2 handfuls 

Spinach                                  2 handfuls 

Pears                                      1 

Parsley                                   1 handful

Cilantro                                  1 handful

Coconut water                       4 ounces 

Lemon (juice of)                    1


Juice #3

Celery stalks                         4 

Green apple                          ½  

Cucumber                             1 

Kale leaves                            3 

Lemon (juice of)                   1 


Juice #4

Kale leaves                          3 

Spinach                               1 cup 

Celery stalks                       4 

Cucumber.                           1 

Lemon (juice of)                 1

Lime (juice of)                    1

Green apple                       ½  

Mint                                    3 sprigs

Journal how you feel when you juice. Lighter?  Bloated?  More energy?  Less Energy?  Skin smoother?  Your outcomes signal which juicing combination works for your body.

This one-day juice cleanse will clean your internal organs, brighten your skin, give your overall health a boost, and you may even drop a bit of weight. The results will motivate and lead you towards opting for a healthy diet as you feel so refreshed and light after this.  Enjoy!  Let me know how you feel.

This is not a substitute for going back to eating crap. Keep on a healthy path and use juicing as a boost for your body.

Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions you have.

May you be blessed with extraordinary health. Yes, you can!