4 Benefits of Eating Hot Food

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It was seriously 95 degrees, and I wanted HOT SOUP - not spicy hot, but temperature hot.  Since I have lots of crazy ideas, just going with it made sense.   Pretty sure part of the reason was a need to have something different to eat than juices and green smoothies, which had been my staple for the past 10 days😋  But HOT SOUP???

Outside of wanting something different, and yet gently nourishing to my digestive system, is there a benefit to eating warm food when it is so hot outside. As you probably already know, the body is a miraculous thing. It takes the nutrients it needs and releases what it doesn't need. Maybe there is more to it.

Is there a benefit to eating hot food when it is warm outside?

Well, yes!  One of the main reasons is that hot food, whether it is in temperature or spiciness, makes us sweat.  Sweating is the body's built in air conditioner to cool it down faster.  Ok, I knew that. What else?

Several articles later, a couple possibilities surfaced:

1. Hot food "emanates much more airborne particles" and smell is a big part of taste. (That soup did smell great, but why did I want to make it?)

2. Maybe, it is because heated food tends to release more calories then cold food.  Fulfilling the hunger gap. (My smoothies and salads were fairly loaded with high calorie avocados, coconut oil, and hemp seeds though)

3.  Possibly, I was just craving something hot since I had been eating cold, raw food for ten days.  Women more than men experience cravings. I can only buy that partially because I'm pretty sure I'd be grabbing some chocolate rather than soup...I mean come on.

4.  Just plain hungry.  The body needs food that will fill it up. It is physiological.  Yep, this was the main one for me. I knew it because I actually wanted "a meal".

What did I do?

I could have gone for the burger (grass-fed, organic-of course), and I thought about it. The soup I make tastes great, is filling and nutritious. It won't send me into bloating and fatigue like a bun, mayonnaise and cheese will. There was no desire to undo what 10 days of clean eating did to help me sleep better, feel more energized, and motivated. 

Keeping it simple

It's helpful to keep a few ingredients on hand always. That way there is no reason to choose healthy. Basics I keep on hand are: vegetable broth, bone broth, fresh thyme, bay leaf, onion, and garlic. I use the same things in vegetable, potato, broccoli, and asparagus soups with just an addition of the main ingredient. Build on what your taste buds tell you.

I use an Insta Pot when I'm in a hurry and Crock Pot if I'm out all day. Here's my favorite, filling soup recipe:

Red Lentil Soup (makes 8 full cups)

Cook in Insta Pot for 18 - 20 minutes

4 cups of vegetable or chicken bone broth 

1 cup each of organic celery, carrots, and onion

3 bay leaves and 5 thyme sprigs

Salt and pepper  (to taste)

Medium serrano pepper, diced fine (optional)

Quick release on Insta Pot, then add in 2 cups of lentils (I use red because they soften nicely) and 4 more cups of broth. Cook 8 minutes and it's done.

A Bit About Lentils

* high-protein food (good meat substitute) 

* low in calories (230 c/one cup, cooked)

* supports balanced blood sugar

* good source of fiber

* inexpensive

* lentils can be sprouted for extra nutritional benefit

* can cause flatulence and digestive discomfort (cooking lessens that)

I believe that it is important in understanding what works best for your body. I certainly can tell when I eat something that doesn't agree with me. Sometimes it's puffy eyes due to water retention. Feel what it's like for you. 


So, eating hot soup on a hot day is a good thing. I stayed cool, full, and slept soundly. Learning to tell the difference between needing food and wanting something to eat has helped me make good choices and feel better.

Comments? Please add in the section below. We all have different experiences with food. Having a vibrant conversation helps us all.

Please feel free to share this post with those who you feel might benefit.




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