Don't get stuck in Crapola!

Even when we know better are food choices aren't always the best for our health. Right? We want to. We intend to. We are going to.

It happens to me. When it does, I use my go to resources to get going again. This time I discovered an amazing book by Kris Carr, Crazy Sexy Juice. It is a wealth of knowledge and a bunch of kicking it recipes.

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Yes, Total Wellness Matters

I am always shocked in listening to pharmaceutical commercials, and how many of the stated side effects seem potentially more dangerous than the health condition! Here take this, but not if you have heart or breathing problems. Oh, by the way, taking this medication may cause headaches, vomiting, bleeding...Wow! That doesn't make me feel like it's a good option. It makes me wonder about re-focusing on prevention and self-care to improve or restore health.

Total Wellness Matters was created to share knowledge and resources so you can be more pro-active in your well-being. Building your knowledge base gives you options to see how others have improved and in some instances reversed their condition. Most of the understanding comes from getting to the root cause. What is really going on inside that body of yours--that's the million dollar question, right? Why not learn and allow for other considerations to improve your well-being. 


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