Yes, Total Wellness Matters

Welcome to Total Wellness Matters first blog post.  I am excited about the circle of interest growing toward our own self-care and realizing that each of us has it in us to improve our condition.  After all, it really is our own job. Others might help to relieve some of our symptoms through treatments or medications, but did it really get to the root cause? Maybe you realized some relief or maybe something else occurred. It really drives me crazy listening to the pharmaceutical commercials, and how the side effects seem more dangerous than the condition! I am not a doctor, but I did learn through my own experiences and study that I could make changes in my lifestyle and become a healthier, more vibrant person.  


The motivation for Total Wellness Matters initiates from my best friend whose significant challenges with the effects of diabetes ended her life at age 54. She agreed to support me as part of the clinical work required in my yoga therapy training. I had known that she was diagnosed 20 years earlier, but really didn't realize how each of her symptoms were not only progressively worsening but also were so interrelated.  I was shocked at how much medication she took and how many different doctors she went to. How did I not put all the pieces together? I just didn't know much about diabetes, but began to learn. From our conversations, it seemed that each symptom and resulting prescription was independent of every other issue. I studied information from the Mayo Clinic, signed up for their Housecall newsletter, read Dr. Mark Hyman's books on reversing diabetes, as well as Googled articles on the different related conditions such as heart disease. It helped me to better understand what diabetes is, how debilitating it can be, and how seriously my friend was impacted. Dr. Hyman's work on "treating the whole system, not the symptoms" made so much sense to me that those were the types of resources I sought out.  In the weeks ahead, I will be posting topics related to stress, the many ways it impacts our health, and ways to improve the effects. If you have other interests, please contact me.

I am thankful for having such a caring friend who still inspires me to continue to grow in my own health, her leading me to those who have experienced serious illness and turned it around......and ultimately, leading you to better places too. It is my biggest intention that the health and wellness information shared is of help to you or someone you know.