Wellness Coaching:

FREE 20 minute phone consultation is the starting point to discuss your expectations, the services I offer, and the pricing options. 

Single Let's Get Started Session: 60 minute (online or by phone)
* Information gathering questionnaire:  issues on your mind, what has held you back so far, and what results you desire.
* Assessment of key issues and concerns. What is your biggest challenge?
* Zeroing in on the key goal. 
* Written plan that includes steps to desired outcomes and supportive resources.

Recommended if: you want to test-drive coaching, affordability is a question, or you are looking for an update of your plan.

 Lifestyle Changer:  4-12 week option
* 90 minute initial session: multi-level information gathering, begin building a matrix of areas of concerns and desired changes.
* Assessment of key issues and concerns, time commitment, strengths, and identification of potential barriers.
* Development of 1, 2, 3 month detailed strategy plan (contingent upon length of plan chosen).
* Refinement of plans as needed.
* 4 week option: 90 minute initial + 1 - 60 minute session for progress updates and any adjustments.
* 8 week option: 90 minute initial + 3 - 60 minute sessions for progress updates and any adjustments. 
* 12 week option: 90 minute initial + 5 - 60 minute sessions for progress updates and any adjustments.
* 15 minute contacts as check in points in between the 60 minute sessions.
* Text or email contacts as needed.
* Free guide: 10 Ways to Live a Dynamic Life + Bonus.

Recommended if: you want consistent support, you are ready to get clear on the issues holding you back from achieving the healthy lifestyle you desire (and deserve), you realize that to be successful, change is not an overnight sensation.

Yoga Therapy for Women with Stress-Related Chronic Conditions

Free 20 minute phone consultation to discuss your situation and if therapeutic yoga tools are useful to your condition. (Based on the visual nature of assessment requirements of yoga therapy, sessions are currently only offered in person.  

Single Resource Developing Session: 60 minutes
* Review health history, discuss current condition, and purpose for choosing yoga therapy.
* Assessment of physical movement, time commitment, and identify potential obstacles.
* Instruction and feedback on application and use of yoga technique appropriate for your desired outcome.
* Written notes and simple home practice developed around your identified goal.
* Resources relevant to your condition and intention.

Recommended if: you want to learn how yoga therapy may be helpful to improving your condition; affordability is a question; or you need an update to your plan.

Empowering a Lifestyle of Health: 5 sessions are highly recommended to develop, teach, utilize, and refine your plan. Your plan is customized to your unique needs and is not a cookie cutter program. 
* Pre-worksheet and information gathering questionnaire so we can really go to work session 1.
* 90 minute initial session to discuss comments from the questionnaire, complete structural assessment and develop a written plan and home practice to support the goals you desire. This first session will focus on learning about you and also teaching you how to manage your written plan. 
* 4 - 60 minute sessions to review progress, any changes, and make adjustments to your plan as necessary. Sessions will be scheduled weekly, every two weeks or once a month depending upon your plan and progress . Consistency in following the plan will achieve the best results!
* Email conversation between sessions to clarify your questions.
* Resources relevant to your condition and intentions.
* Free 30 day phone follow-up after final session. 
* Free guide: 10 Ways to Live a Dynamic Life + Bonus.  

Recommended if: your condition is impacting living your best life; you want to learn what techniques can be useful in improving your condition; and you want to learn how to manage your condition.